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GMO File List


This is a complete list of GMO files corresponding to the in-game Models:

File000854.gmo to File000874.gmo - Squall
File000877.gmo to File000889.gmo - Ultimecia
File000891.gmo to File000893.gmo - Chapter 8 Crystal
File000895.gmo - Tonberry
File000896.gmo - Aerith
File000899.gmo to File000917.gmo - Bartz
File000920.gmo to File000930.gmo - Ex-Death
File000932.gmo to File000934.gmo - Chapter 5 Crystal
File000937.gmo to File000951.gmo - Cecil Paladin and Dark Knight
File000954.gmo to File000962.gmo - Golbez
File000964.gmo to File000966.gmo - Chapter 4 Crystal
File000969.gmo to File000985.gmo - Zidane
File000988.gmo to File001000.gmo - Kuja
File001002.gmo to File001004.gmo - Chapter 9 Crystal
File001006.gmo to File001008.gmo - Unknown Weird Object
File001010.gmo to File001027.gmo - Warrior of Light
File001029.gmo to File001041.gmo - Garland
File001043.gmo to File001047.gmo - Chapter 0 and 1 Crystal
File001049.gmo to File001055.gmo - Cosmos
File001057.gmo to File001059.gmo - Wild Rose
File001061.gmo to File001071.gmo - Writing Feather
File001073.gmo to File001076.gmo - Elixir
File001079.gmo to File001094.gmo - Cloud
File001097.gmo to File001103.gmo - Sephiroth
File001105.gmo to File001107.gmo - Chapter 7 Crystal
File001110.gmo to File001121.gmo - Terra
File001123.gmo to File001129.gmo - Kefka
File001131.gmo to File001133.gmo - Chapter 6 Crystal
File001136.gmo to File001152.gmo - Tidus
File001155.gmo to File001163.gmo - Jecht
File001165.gmo to File001167.gmo - Chapter 10 Crystal
File001170.gmo to File001184.gmo - Onion Knight
File001187.gmo to File001195.gmo - Cloud of Darkness
File001197.gmo to File001199.gmo - Chapter 3 Crystal
File001202.gmo to File001216.gmo - Firion
File001219.gmo to File001229.gmo - Emperor Palamecia
File001231.gmo to File001233.gmo - Chapter 2 Crystal
File001235.gmo - Cloud
File001237.gmo to File001241.gmo - Zidane
File001243.gmo to File001245.gmo - Tidus
File001247.gmo - Wild Rose
File001250.gmo - Cloud of Darkness
File001252.gmo - Ex-Death
File001254.gmo - Firion
File001256.gmo - Bartz
File001258.gmo - Terra
File001260.gmo - Squall
File001262.gmo - Tidus
File001264.gmo - Jecht
File001266.gmo - Ex-Death
File001268.gmo to File001286.gmo - Unknown Weird Object
File003526.gmo - Good Statue Pedestal
File003527.gmo - Warrior of Light Statue
File003528.gmo - Firion Statue
File003529.gmo - Onion Knight Statue
File003530.gmo - Cecil Dark Knight Statue
File003531.gmo - Bartz Statue
File003532.gmo - Terra Statue
File003533.gmo - Cloud Statue
File003534.gmo - Squall Statue
File003535.gmo - Zidane Statue
File003536.gmo - Tidus Statue
File003537.gmo - Shantotto Statue
File003538.gmo - Garland Statue
File003539.gmo - Emperor Palamecia Statue
File003540.gmo - Cloud of Darkness Statue
File003541.gmo - Golbez Statue
File003542.gmo - Ex-Death Statue
File003543.gmo - Kefka Statue
File003544.gmo - Sephiroth Statue
File003545.gmo - Ultimecia Statue
File003546.gmo - Kuja Statue
File003547.gmo - Jecht Statue
File003548.gmo - Judge Gabranth Statue
File003549.gmo - Evil Statue Pedestal
File003550.gmo - World Map Enemy Statue 1
File003551.gmo - World Map Enemy Statue 2
File003552.gmo - World Map Enemy Statue 3
File003553.gmo - World Map Enemy Statue 4
File003591.gmo to File003630.gmo - Various Map Objects
File003632.gmo - Hero Statue
File003634.gmo - Villain Statue
File003635.gmo - Treasure Chest 1
File003636.gmo - Elixir
File003637.gmo - Summon Crystal
File003638.gmo - Treasure Chest 2
File003639.gmo - Treasure Chest 3
File003645.gmo to File003656.gmo - Map Skyboxes
File003706.gmo - Warrior of Light/Knight of Light (Press Enter to Switch Model)
File003707.gmo - Warior of Light/Knight of Light Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003708.gmo - Crystal Ghost Warrior of Light
File003711.gmo - Garland
File003712.gmo - Garland Alternate Costume
File003713.gmo - Crystal Ghost Garland
File003716.gmo - Firion/Master Firion (Press Enter)
File003717.gmo - Firion/Master Firion Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003719.gmo - Crystal Ghost Firion
File003721.gmo - Emperor Palamecia/Emperor of Hell (Press Enter)
File003722.gmo - Emperor Palamecia/Emperor of Hell Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003723.gmo - Crystal Ghost Emperor Palamecia
File003726.gmo - Onion Knight/Ninja/Sage (Press Enter)
File003727.gmo - Onion Knight/Ninja/Sage Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003728.gmo - Crystal Ghost Onion Knight
File003731.gmo - Cloud of Darkness/Final Cloud of Darkness (Press Enter)
File003732.gmo - Cloud of Darkness/Final Cloud of Darkness Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003733.gmo - Crystal Ghost Cloud of Darkness
File003736.gmo - Cecil Dark Knight/Paladin EX Weapons (Press Enter)
File003737.gmo - Cecil Dark Knight/Paladine EX Weapons Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003738.gmo - Crystal Ghost Cecil Dark Knight/Paladin (Press Enter)
File003741.gmo - Golbez/Golbez Shadow Dragon (Press Enter)
File003742.gmo - Golbez/Golbez Shadow Dragon Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003743.gmo - Crystal Ghost Golbez
File003746.gmo - Bartz
File003747.gmo - Bartz Alternate Costume
File003748.gmo - Cystal Ghost Bartz
File003751.gmo - Ex-Death/Void Ex-Death (Press Enter)
File003752.gmo - Ex-Death/Void Ex-Death Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003753.gmo - Crystal Ghost Ex-Death
File003756.gmo - Terra/Esper Terra (Press Enter)
File003757.gmo - Terra/Esper Terra Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003758.gmo - Crystal Ghost Terra
File003761.gmo - Kefka/God Kefka (Press Enter)
File003762.gmo - Kefka/God Kefka Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003763.gmo - Crystal Ghost Kefka
File003766.gmo - Cloud
File003767.gmo - Cloud Alternate Costume
File003768.gmo - Crystal Ghost Cloud
File003771.gmo - Sephiroth/One Winged Sephiroth (Press Enter)
File003772.gmo - Sephiroth/One Winged Sephiroth Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003773.gmo - Crystal Ghost Sephiroth
File003776.gmo - Squall
File003777.gmo - Squall Alternate Costume
File003778.gmo - Crystal Ghost Squall
File003781.gmo - Ultimecia/Griever Ultimecia (Press Enter)
File003782.gmo - Ultimecia/Griever Ultimecia Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003783.gmo - Crystal Ghost Ultimecia
File003786.gmo - Zidane/Trance Zidane (Press Enter)
File003787.gmo - Zidane/Trance Zidane Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003788.gmo - Crystal Ghost Zidane
File003791.gmo - Kuja/Trance Kuja (Press Enter)
File003792.gmo - Kuja/Trance Kuja Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003793.gmo - Crystal Ghost Kuja
File003796.gmo - Tidus
File003797.gmo - Tidus Alternate Costume
File003798.gmo - Crystal Ghost Tidus
File003801.gmo - Jecht/Final Aeon Jecht (Press Enter)
File003802.gmo - Jecht/Final Aeon Jecht Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003803.gmo - Crystal Ghost Jecht
File003806.gmo - Shantotto/Cobra Set Shantotto (Press Enter)
File003807.gmo - Shantotto/Cobra Set Shantotto Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003808.gmo - Crystal Ghost Shantotto
File003811.gmo - Gabranth/Judge Gabranth (Press Enter)
File003812.gmo - Gabranth/Judge Gabranth Alternate Costumes (Press Enter)
File003813.gmo - Crystal Ghost Gabranth/Judge Gabranth (Press Enter)
File003816.gmo - Chaos
File003818.gmo - Chaos/Full Power Chaos (Press Enter)
File003820.gmo - Chaos/Full Power Chaos (Press Enter)
File003823.gmo to File003859.gmo - Maps
File003862.gmo - Star Skybox
File004000.gmo to File004044.gmo - Unknown Objects