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The entries in this section are to enable you to play Final Fantasy VII should you encounter issues in running the game.

Name Description Author Version / Status Links
FF7/FF8 OpenGL Driver Renders the games with OpenGL, allowing increased compatibility with modern graphics cards and superior graphics. Aali 0.8.1 beta Forum v0.7.11b v0.7.3b
FF7 v1.02 Official Patch Updates the game to version 1.02. Square / Eidos 1.02 Patch
FF7 Spanish v1.03 Unofficial Patch Alternative to Spanish 1.02 patch--doesn't get read as a virus and is compatible with exe mods. Titeguy3 1.03 beta Forum


The following section maintains a list of projects that can be used in conjunction with Final Fantasy VII to enhance the game beyond starting and playing the game as normal; these range from patches used to enhance graphics, to viewers and editors for game data. Entries are listed by category, then alphabetically.


The following are patches that change the overall FFVII experience.

Project Name Description Author Version / Status Links
Final Fantasy VII Remix Patch Compilation patch of all of the latest FF7 mods. This installer is grossly out of date and has bugs. It is therefore strongly discouraged. For an alternative, see the Bootleg installer. titeguy3, Respective modders credited 2.5.1 Forum
Team Avalanche's Graphical Overhaul Ongoing project to replace all low-res graphical aspects of the game with high-res textures and models. Team Avalanche, led by sl1982 & Timu Sumisu Beta 9 Forum
Phoenix Rejuvenation Project Replaces low-poly Non-Playable Characters with higher-poly versions. Newer version of NPC Reconstruction Project. ice_cold513, Borde, stormmedia, et al 0.1 Forum
YAMP (Multi-Patcher) Apply dziugo's patches to FF7. dziugo Final Forum
FPS SpeedHack Increases in-game frame limit. kranmer Alpha Forum
The Reunion The Reunion is a collection of game mods. It will install Beacause: Retranslation Project (DLPB/Luksy), Menu Enhancement (DLPB/Kranmer), WEAPON (DLPB), Model Overhaul (Various), 60fps Battles (DLPB), and Soldier Quest (DLPB). DLPB, Luksy, Kranmer, PRP, SquallFF8, Kaldarasha, and other modellers R05c, 26.Nov.2016 Forum
Anxious Heart Final Fantasy VII's original soundtrack released in looping ogg format. Also comes with various optional arrangements. DLPB A05 Final, 8.Jun.2016 Forum

Viewers / Extractors

Project Name Description Author Version / Status Links
Biturn 3D model and texture viewer. Can convert to different formats, but not back to FF7 formats. Models have to be extracted from .LGP archives first. Mirex v0.87b4 Website, Forum
Leviathan Battle models (enemy creatures) viewer, also displays creature info. Mirex v0.41 Website
LGP/UnLGP (command line) Extracts and packs LGP archives via a command line. Aali 0.5b Forum
ulgp (command line) Extracts and packs LGP archives via command line or GUI. Expands on Lgp/unlgp by placing both functions into one tool. Tool can add files to archives without the need to extract first. Original code by Aali, Updated tool by Luksy 1.3.2, 22.May.2015 Forum
Omega FF7 & FF8 tool for converting BMP <--> TEX M4v3R 1.3 Forum
Unmass Archive unpacker, supports FF7 LGP archives and FF8 .FI archives Mirex v0.82 Website
jPSXdec This tool is the best quality extractor of PSX video's which currently exists. It is java based. m-35 v0.99.6 (beta), 03.Jun.2016 Website
Kujata Kujata is a suite of tools that translates FF7 assets to web-friendly formats like JSON and glTF, and also provides metadata and statistics. Picklejar v1.0, 25.Mar.2019 Forum


Project Name Description Author Version / Status Links
Black Chocobo A feature-filled FF7 save editor that edits all formats of PC and PSX FF7 saves. It is cross-platform and open-source. Sithlord48 1.9.90 Website, Forum
BoxFF7 Allows real-time editing of dialogue box position, size, and text. Can edit touphScript files automatically. DLPB 2.0, 02.Oct.2016 Forum
DLPB Tools A set of tools for hex editing memory/files. One tool edits text files. DLPB 3.0, 09.Jan.2017 Forum
Final Fantasy 7 Enemy Manipulator Edits the stats of all enemies simultaneously (useful for difficulty changes). Does not edit status vulnerabilities (use Hojo for this) or individual enemies (use Proud Clod instead). drdimension 0.9.2 Forum
Hack7 Allows you to edit FF7 dialogs and other field messages. lasyan3 v3 Forum
Hojo An enemy stats editor for PSX/PC. Squall78 1.1 Forum
Kimera A .P file format editor. Borde 0.96b Forum
LiBrE A limit break editor for limit break data not found in the KERNEL.BIN. Works for both PC and PSX releases. Open-source. Bosola 0.3 Forum
Makou Reactor Field editor. Cross-Platform myst6re 1.7.2, 12.Nov.2016 Forum
Meteor Field editor, with dialog, script, walkmesh and encounter editing. Synergy Blades 0.2b Website, Forum
Ochu A feature packed trainer and editor for Final Fantasy VII. DLPB 3.2, 17.Nov.2016 Forum
Palmer Editor for field files that lets you replace any field backgrounds. Aali 0.6b Forum
PCreator Creates new, textured .P field models from 3D Studio .3DS objects. Reunion 0.85b Website, Forum
Proud Clod (Formerly Heidegger) More-or-less all-purpose scene.bin editor. Edits stats, AI, attacks, enemy placement, battle scenes and more. NFITC1 1.5.0.α_4 Website, Forum
sfxEdit Easily decode and encode all sound effects in Final Fantasy VII PC. Luksy 0.2, 23.Jan.2012 Forum
touphScript A translation tool which can edit ALL FF7 game text and dialogue. It can auto fix dialogue windows and auto resize the boxes. tS can also fix script bugs. Works with or without The Reunion mod and can work from the command line. Ideal for modders who wish to edit game text without having to distribute numerous files. Luksy 1.3.1, 05.Apr.2016 Forum
WallMarket KERNEL.BIN/kernel2.bin editor for FFVII PC or PSX NFITC1 1.4.5 Website, Forum
WhiteChoco ff7.exe/SHOPMENU.MNU editor for FFVII PC or PSX; edits shop stock and prices. titeguy3 0.7 beta Forum

AI Modifications

Name Description Author Version / Status Links
Climhazzard A PSX exclusive AI mod that features new encounters, new drop rates, and two difficulty settings. ff7rules Abandoned Forum
FF7: Rebirth A "comprehensive rebalance" of the AI and battle mechanics. PSX and PC. Bosola Abandoned (PSX Demo Released) Website, Forum
Gjoerulv's Hardcore Mod Adds some encounters and changes AI to make the game extremely difficult. Gjoerulv 1.0.6s, 27.Jun.2014 Forum
New Threat Mod A complete overhaul of the game's difficulty level. Sega Chief 1.4, 14.Oct.2016 Forum
Reasonable Difficulty Mod Changes AI and drop rates to make the game reasonably difficult. hay 1.1 Forum
Shalua Rui: A rebalance A "balanced, yet difficult" modification of the game's AI. Auraplatonic Abandoned (Disc 1 released) Forum


The following are Models and textures that can be inserted into the game that are not currently associated with any patches.

Name Description Author Version / Status Links
Advent Children Custom Avatars Replace character avatars with images from Advent Children. Wuz Final Forum
Hi-res motorbike mod Changes the Cloud motorbike minigame model to a high-resolution version. bloodshot v2 Final Forum
Advent Children style alternate limit textures Alternate colors and styles of the limit break flash. kela51 Final Forum
Loveless Weapon Model for Cloud A model intended to replace Cloud's "Nailbat" that mimics the "Loveless" sword from Crisis Core. SwornEnemy Final Forum
Slayersnext's Custom Models Various custom weapon and character models. Slayersnext Final Forum

Misc/Outdated (Do not use)

The following are mods or patches that have been rendered obsolete by other, more modern alternatives.

Name Description Author Version / Status Links
9999 Limit Breaker Allows HP/MP and battle damage to go beyond 9999. Replaced by Aali's OpenGL Driver. dziugo Final Forum
Aeris Opens all LGP files. Currently only displays field backgrounds. Replaced by Palmer and unLGP. The SaiNt 1.0.2580.4896 Forum
Cetra Old patch manager for FF7.exe; replaced by the likes of Bootleg and YAMP Ficedula 0.2 Mirror
Chocobo Races Patch Resolves the game crash at the Chocobo Races. Replaced by Aali's OpenGL Driver. Qhimm, Jedwin Version 2, Release 4 Patch
Cosmo Edits dialog and texts from the field archive used by the game. Replaced by quite a few editors (see above). Ficedula 0.95c Mirror1 Mirror2
FF7Midi Views and edits the MIDI files and sounds used by the game. Replaced by LGP/unLGP. Ficedula 1.01 Mirror
High Resolution Cloud Swaps the Cloud player model with the high-res Cloud battle model. Outdated because it requires LGPTools. Dreakon Final Binary
High Resolution FFVII PC Sets the screen resolution to 1280x960 in-game. Replaced by Aali's OpenGL Driver. The SaiNt 1.00 Forum
Highwind LGP extractor and insertor. Replaced by LGP/unLGP. Christian 1.20 Website, Forum
Kaddy Archive decompressor / recompressor - supporting LGP archives. Replaced by LGP/unLGP. Alhexx 1.11 Binary
LGPTools Extracts and packs LGP archives with a GUI. Replaced by LGP/unLGP. Ficedula 1.60 Mirror1 Mirror2
Loveless A mass dialog editor with window resizing capabilities. Replaced by Makou Reactor and touphScript. Squall78 2.4 Website, Forum
NPC Reconstruction Project Replaces low-poly Non-Playable Characters with higher-poly versions. Replaced by Phoenix Rejuvination Project. ice_cold513, Borde, stormmedia, et al 0.6 beta Forum
Scenester Edits the scene.bin file containing encounter data. Replaced by Hojo & Proud Clod. Lord Ramza Beta Forum
SceneEdit Edit enemy data, view and dump AI script from encounter files in scene.bin. Replaced by Hojo & Proud Clod. M4v3R 1.3.0 Forum
Scene Reader Scene.bin (enemy data) unpacker/repacker. Replaced by Proud Clod's "scene data management" options. M4v3R 1.0 Forum
TrueMotion 2.0 Codec Codec required to play the movies in the game. Replaced by Aali's OpenGL Driver. Google 2.0 Website