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Known FF7:CC Audio Formats

RIFF Format

[RIFF] Audio files are voice acting dialogues.

They are possible to play if extension is renamed to .WAV and have correct codec (Sony's ATRAC3 format).

they are in vaild IFF format, it's all the voice acting file thingies. The files are stored in Sony's ATRAC3 format (Minidisk etc.), 
if you rename the files to .wav and have an ATRAC3 codec they should play in your prefered mediaplayer (like winamp).  --Zande

SSCF Format

These audio files are also found embedded within many other data files, including [ATEL], [MAGIC] and [!].

They are usually background music audio, but might also be short sound-effect samples.

A windoze program called MarC's HiMD Renderer can convert these audio files. -- aljnx