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By myst6re.

Fields Scripts

Offset Size Data
0 1 byte Count of door entity
1 1 byte Count of walkmesh line entity
2 1 byte Count of background entity
3 1 byte Count of other entity
4 2 bytes Offset section 1
6 2 bytes Offset script data
8 offsetSection1 - 8 = nbEntity * 2 Entry point of each entity
offsetSection1 offsetScriptData - offsetSection1 Entry point of each script
offsetScriptData varies Script Data

Entry point of each entity

Each entry is 2 bytes with:

  scriptCount = entryPointEntity & 0x7F;
  label = entryPointEntity >> 7;

The entry points are sorted in order of execution (I guess), not in the order in which entities appear in the file.

When sorting entities, it will be always in that order:

  1. Lines
  2. Doors
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Other

To know what type of an entity, so we were just use their count.

Entry point of each script

Each entry is 2 bytes with:

  position = (entryPointScript & 0x7FFF)*4;
  flag = entryPointScript >> 15;

The position is relative to offsetScriptData. The meaning of the flag is unknown, it appear always and only with door, location and background entities. Last entry point is relative EOF

Script Data

Each opcode is 4 bytes.

Opcode List