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By myst6re.


For the field, this is a file for the japanese PSX version only, it adds text characters. In the PC version, the file sysfnt.tdw in main.fs is used to know the width of each character, the texture part is not used (you can find the used texture in sysfnt.tex in menu.fs).

Offset Size Data
0 4 bytes Offset to widths (always 8)
4 4 bytes Offset to data
offsetWidths offsetData - offsetWidths

Character widths

offsetData varies

Texture (TIM)

Character widths

Each width is 4 bits (two widths per byte).


Texture is a TIM file with 8 colors: dark grey, grey, yellow, red, green, blue, purple and white.

TODO: Explain the palette mechanism in japanese version (16 pal instead of 8).