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b0wave.dat is file containing one 4BPP TIM texture with magic animation sequence, AKAO frame and font data. Current structure:

Offset Name Description
0 Number of sections Number of pointers in file
4 Texture offset (4BPP TIM) Pointer to TIM texture in file (global)
8 Font Section Pointer to Font Section.
12 AKAO Pointer to AKAO frame inside file.
16 EOF Total size (EOF)
  • Pointers and EOF are uint32.

AKAO frame holds "win" music.

Font Section

Copied from myst6re .TDW file

Offset Size Data
0 4 bytes Offset to widths (always 8)
4 4 bytes Offset to texture
offsetWidths offsetData - offsetWidths Character widths
offsetData varies TIM Texture

Character widths

Each width is 4 bits (two widths per byte).