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wm2field.tbl is file that handles the world map to field warping.


File is 1728 bytes. Where every entry is 24 bytes. Though 1728/24 = 72 entries

One entry:

Offset SizeOf Name Description
0 short FieldX Operates FieldX
2 short FieldY Operates FieldY
4 ushort (yes) Field_Z Operates FieldZ
6 ushort FieldID ID of field
8 16 bytes UNKNOWN Unknown

Field location

Old wiki page about wm2field stated, that X Y Z coordinates are based on 12 bits. No, they aren't, I made a mistake. They are normal WORDs with sign-extension for X and Y and Z is normal WORD copying and no cmp(0x7FFF), so it's unsigned. The axis are indeed X Y Z, not X-ZY as everywhere else in FF8. Byte after fieldID is some sort of pointer, currently unknown what is it purpouse.

Useful notes

First entry is Balamb Garden

Second entry is Balamb City