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Sub Directory Information

The sub directories consist of a file list structure and then actual file data.

Sub Directory: File List Structure

The infomation is formated as 2 WORDS + 1 DWORD * the file count from the root directory. With as many as 300 + files this accounts for 1 to 2 sectors for a subdirectory section. The first sector information may be considered the END sector of the directory information, it is likely this is how it is used by the game kernel.

Name Type Description
File Identifier WORD File ID for loading.
Unknown WORD Possibly File Type.
First Sector DWORD This is the first sector of the file.

File Size information

This is determined expostfacto. It is not included with the file list. First you load the file directory structure (1 + sectors). The next step is to find the file you wish to know the size of (IE 0 to FileCount-1 in the file structure array). Take the first sector of the next file in the array (only if it's not the last file) and subtract the first sector of the file you wish the size of, the result is the number of sectors the file ocupies within the image. The last file is a bit different you need the sector of the next sub directory file list and subtract from that the first sector of the file you wish the size of.

Source Code

typedef struct
   unsigned int Flags;
   unsigned int FirstSector;

unsigned int FileSize(void *FileData, int FileN, int FileCount)
   if(FileN < (FileCount-1))