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Bored engineer (literally) I began finding the final fantasy 7 curious around 2000 refound interest in 2002 finally started beating on it part time from 2003. I guess I'm slow, I really could care less, I'm a just curious person I suppose. Hobbies include model airplanes, sound reinforcement, electronics and the obvious geeky computer stuff. Currently creating a program for displaying the PS1 FF7 battle models. These are pretty much described now. So I'm going to be moving on to FIELD scenes. This of course is quite a bit more complicated even so it looks like it may be possible to view background scenes. My hope is to be able to animate a field location but that could take a while no?


PSX view 0.0.2 should be available in a few months, it will include battle models and hopefully animate them properly. The model viewing is done via Objects that create the skeleton. This is fine for final fantasy 7's method of animation. However adding in Final Fantasy 8 information will change this completely as the structure of the models are completely different. Unfortunately the tutorials from NeHe aren't adequate for me, so I'm studying the Open GL Programers guide (aka Red Book). I need a more disciplined approach to OpenGL because of the more generic approach I'm taking for the models. Why? It will allow the models to be exportable into other 3d formats. That's the idea at least.


New Job and dead computer, this is not fun especially since PSX view was on that machine.


Computer crash wiped out PSX view. So it's being redone. I have added semi background viewing to it now. So it partially works. The additional information I've added to the wiki and cleaned up some links to make things make more sense. Currently I'm working with a VCL component called GLScene to add 3d content and animation control in for 3d model viewing. Things are progressing slowly on that front.