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KERNEL.BIN - Section 8: Accessory data format

This section contains the accessory data. Each record is 16 bytes long.

Offset Length Description
0x00 2 bytes Stat Bonus
  0xFF None
0x00 Strength
0x01 Vitality
0x02 Magic
0x03 Spirit
0x04 Dexterity
0x05 Luck
0x02 2 bytes Bonus Amount
0x04 1 byte Elemental Strength
  0x00 Absorb
0x01 Nullify
0x02 Halve
0x05 1 byte Special Effect
  0xFF None
0x00 Haste
0x01 Berserk
0x02 Curse Ring
0x03 Reflect
0x04 Increase Stealing Rate
0x05 Increase Manipulation Rate
0x06 Barrier / MBarrier
0x06 2 bytes Elements Affected
0x08 4 bytes Status Protect
0x0C 2 bytes Equip Mask
  0x0001 Equipable on Cloud
0x0002 Equipable on Barret
0x0004 Equipable on Tifa
0x0008 Equipable on Aeris
0x0010 Equipable on Red XIII
0x0020 Equipable on Yuffie
0x0040 Equipable on Cait Sith
0x0080 Equipable on Vincent
0x0100 Equipable on Cid
0x0200 Equipable on Young Cloud
0x0400 Equipable on Sephiroth
0x0E 2 bytes Restriction Mask (If the following bits are 0)
  01h Can be sold
02h Can be used in Battle
04h Can be used in Menu Out of Battle
Other values have no effect