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Elemental Data

There are 16 elements in FF7. They are usually stored as a bitmask, but are instead stored as an index in the case of materia.

Bit Index Element
0x0001 00h Fire
0x0002 01h Ice
0x0004 02h Bolt
0x0008 03h Earth
0x0010 04h Poison
0x0020 05h Gravity
0x0040 06h Water
0x0080 07h Wind
0x0100 08h Holy
0x0200 09h Restorative
0x0400 0Ah Cut
0x0800 0Bh Hit
0x1000 0Ch Punch
0x2000 0Dh Shoot
0x4000 0Eh Shout
0x8000 0Fh "Hidden/Ultima"

The battle text (part 26 of the KERNEL.BIN) refers to "Ice" as "Cold" and "Bolt" as "Lightning".
The names of elements 09h - 0Eh are not ever mentioned in the game. However, they are stored as battle text for the purpose of sensing.
"Hidden/Ultima" has no name mentioned in the battle text.
"Hidden/Ultima" is on only a few enemy exclusive attacks including Ultima Weapon's Ultima Beam. Elements 0Ah - 0Eh are considered Physical elements (though not enforced as such) and show up on physical attacks. Non-elemental attacks, such as Bahamuts' Flares, have no elements selected.