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Status Effects

There are 31 Status effects in FF7. In attacks and items they are referred to as a 32-bit longword. In Materia they are only 24-bits so the last 8 cannot be affected. In weapons and armors they are represented as an index. Weapons have a low inflict chance.

Bit Index Status
0x00000001 00 Death
0x00000002 01 Near Death
0x00000004 02 Sleep
0x00000008 03 Poison
0x00000010 04 Sadness
0x00000020 05 Fury
0x00000040 06 Confu
0x00000080 07 Silence
0x00000100 08 Haste
0x00000200 09 Slow
0x00000400 0A Stop
0x00000800 0B Frog
0x00001000 0C Small
0x00002000 0D Slow Numb
0x00004000 0E Petrify
0x00008000 0F Regen
0x00010000 10 Barrier
0x00020000 11 M.Barrier
0x00040000 12 Reflect
0x00080000 13 Dual
0x00100000 14 Shield
0x00200000 15 D.Sentence
0x00400000 16 Manipulate
0x00800000 17 Berserk
0x01000000 18 Peerless
0x02000000 19 Paralysis
0x04000000 1A Darkness
0x08000000 1B Dual Drain
0x10000000 1C DeathForce
0x20000000 1D Resist
0x40000000 1E "Lucky Girl"
0x80000000 1F Imprisoned

If "Dual Drain" is inflicted without "Dual", the game will crash. Section 4 of Terence Fergusson's [Battle Mechanics FAQ] (a little more than half-way through) describes each of these statuses with great detail.