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KERNEL.BIN - Section 5: Item data format

This section contains the item data. Each item record is 28 bytes long.

Offset Length Description
0x00 8 bytes Unknown Always 0xFFFFFFFF
0x08 2 bytes Camera Movement Id for single and multiple target attack.
0x0A 2 bytes Restriction Mask (If the following bits are 0)
  01h Can be sold
02h Can be used in Battle
04h Can be used in Menu Out of Battle
0x0C 1 byte Target Flags
0x0D 1 byte Attack Effect Id
0x0E 1 byte Damage Calculation
0x0F 1 byte Item power for damage calculation.
0x10 1 byte Condition sub-menu
  00 Party HP
01 Party MP
02 Party Status
Other None
0x11 1 byte Status Effect Change
  3Fh Chance to Inflict/Heal status (out of 63)
40h Cure if inflicted
80h Cure if inflicted, Inflict if not
0x12 1 byte Attack Additional Effects
0x13 1 byte Additional Effects Modifier
0x14 4 bytes Status Effects
0x18 2 bytes Attack Element
0x1A 2 bytes Special Attack Flags