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Final Fantasy VIII came after the mega hit Final Fantasy VII, it in itself was a very successful game release for Square. For more on the history of Final Fantasy VIII read here. The Game Engine

Engine constants

Details of the Game

Media Formats

File Formats

Movie Files

Sound Files

Battle files

Field files

  • Opcodes Field script opcodes
  • [MCH] Field Character Models
  • [ONE] Field Character Models Container
  • [MIM] Field Background Image Data
  • [MAP] Field Background Tile Data
  • [JSM] Field Scripts
  • [SYM] Field Script names (unused)
  • [MSD] Field Dialogs
  • [INF] Field Gateways
  • [ID] Field Walkmesh (same format as FF7)
  • [CA] Field Camera
  • [TDW] Extra font
  • [MSK] Movie cam (?)
  • [RAT & [MRT]] Battle related
  • [PMD] Particle Info
  • [PMP] Particle Image Data
  • [PVP] Unknown (often 0x0c000000, sometimes 0x0a000000 or 0x0b000000)
  • [SFX] Indexes to Sound Effects (?)

World map files



Tools and Patches