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Data File Format

Located in the <installation folder>\Data\ folder, there are five (or six for the maximum installation) sets of three files.

.fs (File Source)

This is the main data source for all the files in a given category. The files are either LZSed or left raw (See notes on .fi files) and all concatenated together.

.fl (File List)

This is a simple flatfile using a DOS-style text encoding (uses both Carriage_Return and Line_Feed to indicate a new line) containing a sequential list of absolute paths and file names of the files stored in the .fs file.

.fi (File Index)

For each file in the .fs archive, there are 3 Long Words (12 bytes) of data in this file.

Data Offset
Length of unpacked file 0x00
Location of packed file with .fs archive 0x04
Compression used (1 = LZS; 0 = None) 0x08