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(The following Was ripped off of Wikipedia because I'm lazy)

Another Mind is an FMV visual Novel created by Squaresofy for Sony PlayStation and released on November 12, 1998 in Japan. The game is extremely obscure. The game involves a 16 year-old girl named Hitomi Hayama who is involved in a car accident and admitted to a hospital. Upon waking, she realizes that another mind has taken residence in her head. The player takes on the role of this separate consciousness. The pair are then put into the middle of a mystery that begins at the hospital, which includes a murder, several suicide attempts, and a bombing attempt. Hitomi frequently communicates back with the player, and the player must convince her to perform actions rather than commanding.

The file location data on the CD-ROM is indexed much like FF7, the sector lookup table is called CDPOS.DAT and in the root directory.

The following are the file formats for the game. These are loacted in the /PRGDATA folder. If the extension end in a "Z" They are compressed in an LZS format elaborated below.

Extension Data


LZS Compressed Dialog Answer Lookup






LZS Compressed BIN file (Unknown)


Sound Effects


Japanese Word Dictionary




Midi/Mod like Music Data


MDEC format movie file


LZS Compressed TIM file




LZS Compressed dialogs


The compressed files are compressed with LZS with a special 2-byte header that starts with "C3 FF" marking it as compressed.


This is the master look-up table for the data files loacted in the /PRGDATA folder. It follows the following format in little-endian (backwards)

Sector Offset Data Length
4 Bytes 4 Bytes

You must subtract one to the sector location to get the actual location of the disk. Take, for example BUS3012.TIZ (entry 257). According to it's ISO6996 directory entry says it starts at 0x032E78 and has a length of 0xE00F. The entry in CDPOS.DAT shows it's location of 0x032E79 with a length of 0xE00F. The means the ISO starts at zero, while Square starts indexing at one(?)