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Contains 20 .TIM Textures. Every texture is 128x256. Textures represent world map (grass, rocks, tunnel entries, gardens, towns). The textures appear every 0x12800 of bytes (75766 B). Part between next 0x12800 and previous texture end is just filled with 0.

Number Offset Comment
1 0x00 Snowy ground, snowy rocks. Snow
2 0x12800 Trabia Garden
3 0x25000 Rocks, train tunnel entry, garden halo
4 0x37800 Garden hole texture (after garden become mobile), Balamb texture (even part of rail)
5 0x4A000 Esthar territory related town/place
6 0x5C800 As above
7 0x6F000 Unknown
8 0x81800 Rocks at Galbadia. Some entrance, machina.
9 0x94000 Grass, rocks or desert sand. Depends on which palette we use.
10 0xA6800 Rocks. Place near the great crater, where lunar cry dropped.
11 0xB9000 This is the place with red-like ground. Some sand. More like centra regions.
12 0xCB800 Unknown. Some forest texture I've never seen.
13 0xDE000 Timber. Also train (probably) tunnel entrance.
14 0xF0800 Deling City.
15 0x103000 Desert-like environment.
16 0x15800 Galbadia Garden.
17 0x128000 Unknown. Ground textures. Rock. Similiar to 0x81800 (8)
18 0x13A800 Completely black
19 0x14D000 SAME AS 0x6F000 (7)
20 0x15F800 SAME AS 0x81800 (8)