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This page will be for Battle memory structures. This is consistent with the memory structure of the PC version. PSX may or may not reflect these structures.

Command Defaults

Each command type has default execution values that can, in some cases, be overridden. These come from a hard-coded structure in the executable.

Offset Default
0h Animation
1h Damage Calculation
2h Command Properties

Queued Actions

When a command is selected either by a player character or an enemy the action is inserted into a priority queue. Up to 64 actions can be queued. On each update loop, the main Queue function will pop off the next action with the lowest priority and execute it in FIFO order within priority bands.

Queue entries have the following structure in memory:

Offset Value
0 Action Priority (limits/counters 0, player chosen spells 6)
1 Queue position within priority band
2 Attacker actor ID
3 Action command index (e.g CMD_MAGIC = 0x02)
4 Action attack index (e.g Bolt = 0x21). (This index is absolute, not command relative)
6 Action target mask

AI Structure

There is a single block of memory that holds AI information on the current running script. Each Actor "owns" this while their scripts are executing.

Offset Function
0h Actor Index
4h Script Position
8h Remaining Stack Space (initially 200h)
0Ch Current AI OpCode
10h OpCode Lower Nybble
14h OpCode Upper Nybble
18h First Group Type
1Ch Second Group Type
20h OpCode Lower Nybble (related to group 1?)
24h OpCode Lower Nybble (related to group 2?)
28h Mask of non-null values in Group 1
2Ah Mask of non-null values in Group 2
2Ch - 50h Group 1 of variables
54h - 78h Group 2 of variables
7Ch - 27Ch Stack of values

Active Character Data

This is an array that each playable character maintains an instance of.

Offset Value
000h Character ID
001h Cover Chance
002h Strength
003h Vitality
004h Magic
005h Spirit
006h Speed
007h Luck
008h Phys Attack
00Ah Phys Def
00Ch Mag Attack
00Eh Mag Def
010h Current HP
012h Max HP
014h Current MP
016h Max MP
018h Timer
01Ch Counter Attack Action Index
01Eh Counter Attack Chance
021h Some sort of divisor?
023h Character Flags (Underwater, Long Range, HP<->MP, etc)
024h Eight entries of three bytes...
03Ch Attacking Elements
03Eh Halved Elements
040h Nullified Elements
042h Absorbed Elements
044h Attacking Elements
048h Immune Statuses
04Ch Enabled Command Menu (16 entries of 6 bytes)
0ACh Limit Actions for current Limit Level
0B4h Enabled Limit Data (three entries in Attack Data format(0x1C))
108h Enabled Magics (54 entries of 8 bytes)
0 Magic Index
1h MP Cost
2h All Count
3h Quad Enabled?
4h Quad Count?
5h Target Data
6h Properties
2C8h Enabled Summons (format like above)
348h Enabled ESkills (format like above)
408h First 11 bytes of Weapon Data
40Dh Status of weapon added to Attacking Statuses above
410h Weapon's Accuracy
418h Additional Attack Elements
41Ch Four sets of two DWords : (Stat to increase, Increase value)
43Ch Gil Bonus granted by this character
43Dh Encounter rate ""
43Eh Chocobo Chance ""
43Fh PreEmptive Chance ""

Actor Battle Data

Similar to Active Character Data, but more detailed. This data is dependent on who is performing the current action and only one instance of it exists during each action and all stats are relative to the performing actor and current action unless otherwise noted. Addresses 200h and above will change for each target of the action.

Offset Value
0h Index
4h Level
8h Formation Entry (Enemy A, Enemy B, etc)
0Ch Command Index
10h Action Index
14h Action Animation Base (for relative to absolute animation indexes)
18h Allowed Targets (Active and targetable)
1Ch Active Allies?
20h Command Animation (player characters only)

Attack Effect

28h Command Index (again)
2Ch Action Index (again)
30h Self Mask
38h MP Cost
3Ch Action Accuracy

Damage Calculation


Action's Element

48h Action's Power
4Ch Phys/Mag Attack Power
50h Action's Target(s) Mask
54h Normal Impact Sound
58h Critical Impact Sound
5Ch Miss Sound
60h Single Target Camera
64h Multi Target Camera
68h Action Reaction Animation Index

Attack Special Effects

78h Non-self target mask?

Inflicting Status(es)


Curing Status(es)


Toggling Status(es)

8Ch Chance to inflict Status
90h Command Properties (details pending)
94h Target Mask
98h Attack Index position in scene data (enemy only)

Action Accuracy function (upper nybble of Damage Calculation)


Action Damage function (lower nybble of Damage Calculation)

ACh Quad Magic Count?
B0h Number of attack damage calculations?
B4h Follow-up action count (Tifa's Limits, Finishing Touch, etc)
B8h Number of Targets?

Attack Additional Effects

C0h Additional Effect Modifier
C4h Attack Power
C8h Actor's current status
D0h - D7h Follow-up Action(s)
D8h Actor's Strength
DCh Used during String display?
E0h Number of successful hits
F0h Character-specific action properties (mp absorb, hp absorb, etc)
F8h Related to enabled magic. Also ACh above.
FCh Multiple hit count
100h - 1FFh large unused gap
200h ???
204h Character Map (players only)
208h Current Target Index
20Ch Formation Slot
210h Target's Phys/Mag Def (whichever attack type is)
214h Damage done to target
218h Properties of attack
1 missed
2 Physical if set; Magical if unset
4 Attempt Steal
20 Won't Miss
4000 Physical Barrier
8000 Magical Barrier
40000 ???
800000 ???
220h More properties (heal, critical, damage MP, etc)
224h Target's reaction animation
228h Target's status
22Ch Target's status immunities
230h Damage level to current Action
1 Death (if not immune)
2 Always hit?
4 Double (Damage & Accuracy)
8 Normal (Never checked)
10 Half (Damage & Accuracy)
20 Null (won't miss?)
40 Absorb (won't miss?)
80 Full-Heal
234h Target condition flags (back exposed, multiple targets, etc)
238h Status(es) to add to Target
23Ch Status(es) to Cure from Target
240h Status(es) to Toggle from Target
244h All Target's statuses that will be affected from action
248h Sound to play (determined from hit/critical/miss sounds above)
24Ch Action Animation to use (varies from single/multiple targets)
254h Target's Level
258h Target's HP
25Ch Target's MP
260h Action's final Accuracy