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  • Opcode: 0xF8
  • Short name: PMVIE
  • Long name: Set Movie

Memory layout

0xF8 M


  • const UByte M: Movie ID to set.


Sets the movie file that will be played at a future point in the script by MOVIE.

FF7 Movie ID List

ID Movie File Brief Description
0 fship2.avi Clouds rolling
2 d_ropego.avi Ropeway Up to Gold Saucer
3 d_ropein.avi Ropeway Down to Gold Saucer
4 u_ropein.avi Arriving at Gold Saucer
5 u_ropego.avi Leaving Gold Saucer
6 gold2.avi Gold Saucer ride; ends with moon
7 gold3.avi Chocobo Races go past; view from carriage
8 gold4.avi Gold Saucer flythrough; ends with gold statue
9 gold6.avi Balloons released past the carriage
A gold5.avi Haunted house from the carriage
B boogup.avi Up to Bugenhagen's machine
C boogdown.avi Down from Bugenhagen's machine
D junair_u.avi Up on Junon Airstrip mechanism
E junair_d.avi Down on Junon Airstrip mechanism
F junelein.avi Junon elevator up (top level)
10 junelego.avi Junon elevator down (top level)
11 junin_in.avi Junon elevator down (bottom level)
12 junin_go.avi Junon elevator up (bottom level)
13 moriya.avi Unknown
14 mkup.avi Cloud looks up to the first Mako reactor
15 northmk.avi North Mako reactor explodes
16 mk8.avi Jessie's bomb explodes to escape
17 ontrain.avi Cloud jumps on train
18 mainplr.avi Train circles the pillar
19 smk.avi South Reactor platform explodes after boss defeat
1A southmk.avi Cloud falls from platform
1B plrexp.avi Sector 7 pillar bomb explodes
1C fallpl.avi Party escapes as pillar crumbles
1D monitor.avi Snoozing guard at Shinra HQ; elevator door opens
1E bike.avi Cloud's bike and party escape on truck
1F mtnvl.avi Nibelheim mountain, reactor, and rope bridge pan
20 mtnvl2.avi Pan to Nibelheim reactor
21 brgnvl.avi Nibelheim ropebridge snaps
22 nvlmk.avi Pod in Nibelheim reactor explodes, releasing monster
23 nivlsfs.avi Nibelheim fire; Sephiroth looks up & moves through flames
24 jenova_e.avi Sephiroth talks to Jenova and pulls off the statue
25 junon.avi Junon to Mako Cannon pan
26 hiwind0.avi Cloud climbs up to Junon airfield; Highwind
27 mtcrl.avi Falling down scaffolding (Corel route)
28 gold1.avi Skyway to Gold Saucer (first visit)
29 biskdead.avi Dyne & Barret in the past; Barret loses grip
2A boogdemo.avi Bugenhagen's demo; shooting star & black hole
2B boogstar.avi Bugenhagen's demo; Earth & the Lifestream
2C setogake.avi Stone Seto and the moon
2D rcktfail.avi Rocket takes off, then stalls and tilts
2E jairofly.avi Tiny Bronco take-off and shooting
2F jairofal.avi Tiny Bronco crashes
2F gold7.avi
2F gold7_2.avi
2F earithdd.avi Aeris death
2F funeral.avi Aeris funeral
2F car_1209.avi
2F opening.avi Opening