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Authors: Koral, JWP and Vehek

MCH Field Character Models

Each MCH file contains a skinned-animated model representing a character on the field or world Maps. There appear to be multiple files of the same character representing differnt Level of Details.

They usually contain multiple TIM textures (standard PSX textures), mesh geometry, bones, skeleton heirarchy information and skinning information. The whereabouts of the Bone Animation data is currently unknown.

Accessing MCH Files


MCH File Structure


0x100 bytes [256 bytes]

    DWORD: Offsets to multiple Texture-Data
        Start: 0x00
        Parse DWORDS until read value: 0xFFFFFFFF

    DWORD: Offset to Model Data


TIM format

(for each Texture)

    Standard [TIM] format textures


Offset Length Description
0x00 4 bytes Number of Skeleton Bones
0x04 4 bytes Number of Vertices
0x08 4 bytes Number of texture animations
0x0C 4 bytes Number of Faces
0x10 4 bytes Number of Unknown data
0x14 4 bytes Number of Skin objects
0x18 4 bytes Unknown
0x1C 2 bytes Triangle count
0x1E 2 bytes Quad count
0x20 4 bytes Offset of bones
0x24 4 bytes Offset of vertices
0x28 4 bytes Offset of texture animations
0x2C 4 bytes Offset of faces
0x30 4 bytes Offset of unknown data
0x34 4 bytes Offset of skin objects
0x38 4 bytes Offset of animation data
0x3C 4 bytes Unknown
    Skeleton Data: 0x40 bytes per bone, recurse through number of bones dictated in Header
    (for each bone)

        SHORT: parent bone (1-based)
        SHORT:   (unknown)
        DWORD:   (unknown)
        SHORT: bone length
        DWORD * 15:   (unknown)
    Vertex Data:
    (for each vertex)

        SHORT * 3: Vertex XYZ Position
        SHORT:   (unknown)
        DWORD * 4:   (unknown)
    Texture-animations Data:
	byte unknown
	byte total_textures?
	byte unknown
	byte uSize
	byte vSize
	byte replacement_section_count
	UV_pair original_area_coords
	byte unknown[2]
	UV_pair replacement_coords[replacement_section_count]
struct face {
	u32 opcode; 0x07060125 = triangle, 0907012d = Quad
	BYTE unk[4];
	SHORT unknown; //When bit 0x04 is set, sets semitransparency
	BYTE unk[2];
	u16 verticies[4]; //vertex id's
	u16 verticies1[4]; //Edge data???
	u32 Vertex_Colours[4];
	TextureMap TextureData[4]; // TextureMap = u16 with the first byte = u and the second byte = v
	u16 Padding;
	u16 textureIndex;
	u32 padding[2]; 
	//64 bytes
    Unknown Data, Seems to split up the skin-objects, triangles, and quads:
	uint16 start_skinobject_index
	uint16 skinobject_count
	byte unknown[12]
	uint16 start_triangle_index
	uint16 triangle_count
	uint16 start_quad_index
	uint16 quad_count
	byte unknown2[8]
    Skin-Object Data: 
    (for each skin-object)

        SHORT: index of first vertex
        SHORT: number of vertices
        SHORT: Bone ID (1-based)
        SHORT:   (unknown)

todo: notes on skinning, animation data

MCH Model File List