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VIII research notes:

GameShark codes to PC version - memory calculation

This is battle camera hack (just get some fun with short[int16] values):


Also, if you wish to use GS codes for FF8 NTSC_U in ePSXe 1.9.2 with CE, then apply:

GS_code + A8B6A0


80078A62 270F --(delete GS directive of MOV [8])-->
00078A62 270F --(Trim the 4 last bytes, it's the MOV value to address)-->
00078A62 --(Now ADD A8B6A0)-->
      Your address in ePSXe 1.9.2: 000B04102


01D974B4 - enemy position Y/X
01D974B2 - enemy position Z
01D974B0 - enemy position X/Y


Position hack

I'm at it again... Flying with Serah thru whole world:

ffxiii2img.exe+7543C6 - movaps [edx],xmm2

1. Get addresses above opcode access

2. See which one changes as Serah moves (float!)

3. NOP above opcode

4. X Y Z are three single (float) one after another: data data XXXX YYYY ZZZZ data data.

4a. Opcode refers to x float address. You just need to add manually Y and Z by adding 4 and 8 bytes to X address

  • NOTE: Area out-of-map is mostly non walkable and you'd just fly thru ground, but will stop eventually just a bit under map. Map has some type of bounding zones, Serah will stop eventually at some point if you again movaps [edx],xmm2 the ffxiii2img.exe+7543C6. Flying beneath this zone on NOP'ed and then returning to movaps [edx],xmm2 will warp Serah to nearest point in bounding zone. Flying totally out of map space will freeze the game (not crash nor "not responding"). Just will make it unplayable and hang in place showing last screen. (The game will crash when going out to historia crux [or maybe that's issue that happens to me])


Camera in FFXIII-2 is based on Scalars. Opcodes:

Y axis scalar copy - look at target [from 0x30 to 0x40, where 30h is top down and 40h is bird like view]:

ffxiii2img.exe+19E2F4 - Change of movss [esi+00000154],xmm1 

Some other related to camera. XIII-2 crashed while editing vars after NOP'ing those two:

 ffxiii2img.exe+19E31E - Change of movss [esi+00000154],xmm1 
 ffxiii2img.exe+19DC21 - Change of movss [esi+0000016C],xmm1 

The last one 19DC21 may operate translation X

Cool hacks

Delete distance barrier (this means you can access on map gates and talk with people even if you are on the semi end of map. This literally makes game think you're near to every object in the game.

ffxiii2img.exe+77A88B - movaps xmm0,[eax-10]