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Final Fantasy 9 Information

Since there isn't a PC version of this game all information relates to the PS1.

Disk IMG Format

The game information is contained in a single file on the CD-ROM named FF9.IMG with each disk containing a file named this. FMV movies are stored in sub directories on the disk.

Image Root Directory

The IMG file begins with a root directory that has a list of file counts and sectors.

Image Sub Directory

Some directory entries contain subdirectories.

Directories and data

What contains directories and for what contain files

Directory '0'

Directory '1'

File Cluster Information

Some of the files are actually data clusters that contain multiple information these files begin with the hexadecimal number 0xDB.

Chunk 0x02: 3D Model data

This chunk contains 3D model information: vertices, quads, triangles, texture mapping coordinates...

Chunk 0x03: 3D Animation

This chunk contains animation sequences for 3d models...

Chunk 0x04: Image data(TIM`s)

This chunk contains tim-images...

Chunk 0x05: Scripts

This chunk contains scripts files...

Chunk 0x0A: Field tiles

This chunk contains information about field tiles and field camera parameters...

Chunk 0x0B: Field walkmesh

This chunk contain field walkmesh data...

Chunk 0x0C: Battle scenes

This chunk contain battle scenes geometry...

Chunk 0x12: Contain CLUT and TPage for models

This chunk contains CLUT and TPage info for models.

Chunk 0x1B: Pointers to other 'DB'

This chunk contains pointers to other DB structures.


Character Tables

European & US Tables

Japanese Table

Kanji Table A

Kanji Table B


Tools and Patches