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Welcome to QhimmWiki!

This wiki has been set up in the hopes of becoming a more efficient means of storing the knowledge base. The plan is to store relevant information on things such as:

Information on FF7 should thus go into a subpage of FF7, like FF7/Field/Script. I'm considering having tech-support information stored here as well, though maybe it too should get its own hierarchy, separate from the tech information in FF7/FF8? Suggestions are welcome here.

For now, I've started an example page on the PSX TIM format; check it out to see what I envision of this site. :)

Even though this is a wiki, for now registration and anonymous contributions have been deactivated in an effort to better control the quality and structure of initial contributions. If you feel you have solid information to contribute, drop Qhimm a note and you'll (probably) get an account. Also, further discussion on the details of how to structure the content is to be expected. For now, a subpage-oriented design is favored. Also, since this is a reasonably fresh install I haven't had time to write a huge amount of documentation for it. As a result, many of the help links lead to empty pages.

Contributors are encouraged to add their user links to the QhimmWiki:Community Portal.