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Format for Field.TDB

Cyberman 21:45, 10 Jan 2007 (CST) Field.TDB is an LZS compressed file the first DWORD of which is it's compressed size.

After decompression the file contains the following header

FILED.TDB header
Size Type Description
4 uint32 Total Data Size
2 uint16 Image Count
2 uint16 Palette Count
4 uint32 Image Offset
4 uint32 Palette Offset
typedef struct
 uint32 FileSize;
 uint16 ImageCount;
 uint16 PaletteCount;
 uint32 ImageOffset;
 uint32 PaletteOffset;
} TDB_TextureHeader;

Images follow they are 32x32x 4 bits (or 512 bytes each) Palettes are next, which are B5G5R5 format, uint16 format. 16 colors per palette. Therefore each palette is 32bytes in length.

Palettes are not selected from this file but from the BSX files for models.