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Root Directory

The first sector of FF9.IMG contains a root directory of information with sector locations for subdirectories and the sector of the first file in that subdirectory.

note: sector hereon refers to a 2048 byte chunk of the file keep this in mind when 'deciphering' information.

Root Directory Header

The root directory begins with the following header format

Name Units/Size Description
Signature char[4] 'FF9'\0 (signature to indicate it's an FF9 data file likely)
unknown DWORD No information available at this time
Directory Count DWORD This contains the number of directories in the FF9.IMG file.
unknown DWORD No information available at this time

Root Directory Entries

Following the Root Directory header are the entries for the subdirectories.

Name Units/Size Description
Type DWORD The type of subdirectory this is
File Count DWORD This gives the number of files within the subdirectory.
Directory Information Sector DWORD Sector that contains the directory information (IE file sector list).
First File Sector DWORD This points to the sector of the first file (for fast reference?)

Directory Types

Number Description
0x02 Normal subdirectory contains normal files.
0x03 Heirarchical directory.
0x04 Not a directory but indicates the end of the directory list.